What I learned about Iceland


Iceland is horrendously expensive Imagine expensive. Now double it. Food, drinks, tours and accomodation are shockingly expensive making it very hard to do on the cheap. But there are a few things that can be done to reduce cost such as buying food at grocery stores, staying at farmstays or air bnb, and doing it yourself rather than going on a tour. Outside Rekavik towns are tiny Iceland has a small population and the majority of it was remote until the ring road linked the main towns. It may seem like a major town on your map,

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Skogafoss reflection, Iceland


Skógafoss is a waterfall situated on the Skógá River in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline. The Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 25 metres (82 feet) and a drop of 60 m (200 ft).  [singlepic id=32 w=240 h=160 ]

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Jokulsarlon Lagoon


Jokulsarlon Lagoon is a large glacial lake in southeast Iceland, on the edge of the Vatnajökull tounge of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. The lake developed only about 60 years ago. Vatnajökull was at the shore line of the ocean and calving icebergs into the ocean in 1925. However , it started drifting in land rapidly every year leaving deep gorges in it's wake, which filled with melted water. Icebergs now falling off Vatnajökull glacier's tongue move towards the river mouth and get entrenched at the bottom. They start floating again when their size is small enough to drift to the

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Iceland’s Ice Caves – Tour Review


Ice Cave Tour by Vatnajokull Glacier Seeing an Ice Cave was the photo event that I arranged my  whole Iceland trip around. I went with lurie Belegurschi Photography Ice Caves which goes to the ice caves in the Vatnajokull Glacier. The website says the level of difficulty is graded as easy with a 5-15 minute walk to the ice cave after a 20-30 minute super jeep ride depending on which ice cave is visited on the day. It was expensive at £156 but was something that i so very wanted to photograph. I'd seen the pictures, I mean

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Thailand’s Monkey Temple…and my favourite sunglasses


A two hour train trip out of Bangkok, Thailand, is the town of Lop Buri. It was an important city during Thailand's history and has many major and beautiful ruins. However, its main attaction is the hundreds of crab-eating macaques that live in the ancient Khmer temple of Phra Prang Sam Yot. The locals feed the monkeys that live there. The Khmer temple is lovely but the monkeys are the main attraction. You can buy bananas and other food for the monkeys outside the temple's grounds and the monkeys will take these from you before too long! Make sure

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Culture Shock: India – 7 surprises


It will come as no surprise that India is a bit of a culture shock. India is such a vibrant diverse country that is quite different to Western culture. But then the differences are what makes travel so exciting. Even expecting certain things, the experience is something else. Here are my favourite "culture shock" surprises about India. 1 Juxtaposition of new and old India is super modern at times as well as deeply traditional. It’s a land of extreme contrasts; new and old, poor and rich, high tech and …well, no tech. It’s hard to sum it all into

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London Photo Show Exhibition


I am exhibiting at the London Photo Show from 1 December to 4 December 2016. The London Photo Show takes place at 5th Base Gallery, East London. Opening times are; Friday 2nd December: midday until 7pm Saturday 3rd December: 11am until 6pm Sunday 4th December: midday until 5pm  

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Dorset: Durdle Door


The Durdle Door is a natural limestone rock feature on the Dorset coastline (the Jurassic Coast) near Lulworth. 'Durdle' is derived from the Old English 'thirl', meaning to pierce, bore or drill. The walk to the beach is steep with 700m at 45 degrees. But the waters are crystalline and scenery beautiful. Nearby are Man O' War Cove and Lulworth Cove.

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